Achieving the true handleless kitchen design in your home

handleless kitchen

What is a true handleless kitchen?

We are all looking for something unique in our kitchens, and where better to start than a handleless kitchen design? These kitchen styles offer the appeal of extra space, making them perfect for multifunctional spaces or busy kitchens that see a lot of traffic throughout the day. Handleless kitchens have been on the rise for the last few years, and we don’t believe their style will go away any time soon! 

Handleless kitchen styles have a built-in handgrip across the top edge of cupboards and drawers, which creates a horizontal line leading the eye through your kitchen layout. A handleless kitchen reduces the need for profiles and handles, making this style a great way to save money whilst achieving a sought-after linear look faster. 

True handleless kitchens offer an ultra-contemporary style which incorporates a top rail on which the worktop sits. This rail allows your fingers to slot simply into the top of your cupboard or drawer. Only one rail fitting at the top of the cabinetry is required, with subsequent drawers being push-to-open, leading to a neat and modern finish in the busiest room of your home. 

The benefits of a handleless kitchen design

Not only are handleless kitchens incredibly versatile in design, but they also offer a range of benefits to keeping your kitchen a safe and functional space. 

Removing handles from your kitchen cabinets removes much of the risk associated with young children being in your kitchen. Handleless doors are more complex for children to open, meaning they are less likely to get into your cupboards and drawers, keeping them away from potentially dangerous products and avoiding trapped fingers and hands. 

Handleless kitchens are a practical choice, particularly when you choose the ‘touch open’ option. This is because you simply need to touch the door or drawer firmly to open it rather than fumbling for a handle – great when you have messy baking hands! 

Not only are handleless kitchens safer for children, but they are also safer for adults as you aren’t going to catch your clothing or bump into bulky handles when navigating your kitchen – especially when carrying hot food. 

Space in any kitchen is often a premium, and with handleless kitchens, you get back the extra room you need to move around when cooking and preparing a meal for family and friends. The overall effect of a handleless kitchen creates the appearance of more space. 


Styles and colours you can expect with a handleless kitchen

In a world full of kitchen design, style, and colour, we cannot show you every beautiful example of a handleless kitchen but take a look below for a little inspiration on what you can expect when you decide to go handleless! 

handleless kitchen

Hunton Charcoal & Dover Grey – this perfect example of a true handleless kitchen shows how you can create an open-plan contemporary look that handles will only detract from. We love the darker shade of the cabinets that match well with the natural grey colour. 

handleless kitchen

Hunston Copse Green & Cashmere – what a great colour combination. The Copse green handleless cabinets fit perfectly with the overall layout, offering a bright and airy space that has been cleverly accessorised with gold features. 

handleless kitchen

Porter Handleless Hartforth Blue & Gloss – if you have more space to play with in your kitchen/dining space, a handleless kitchen island could be the perfect addition. This kitchen draws you immediately to the centre of the room, whilst the handleless white cabinetry reflects the light in every corner. 

handleless kitchen

Porter Handleless Regiment & Gloss Dove – last but by no means least is this beautiful design by Porter. From this angle of the kitchen, you can clearly see how a handleless kitchen can offer you great linear detail – great for larger open-plan kitchens.

* All the kitchens featured above can be designed and installed by your Prestige Kitchen team. 

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