The Prestige guide to organising your kitchen cupboards

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Plan your kitchen cupboards storage strategy!

The last thing you need when you come home from a hard day’s work is to find you need to clear up your kitchen before you can start the evening meal prep. Our kitchen worktops can often become the place where we dump all our stuff, from the day’s post to the food shop and our work bags, making the kitchen a busy and often stressful place. 

If you open your kitchen cupboards to find a disorganised mess, this could tip you over the edge – forcing you to run from the kitchen and refusing to cook in there. Your kitchen should be a hive of positive activity – no one should be scrambling, looking for their favourite pots and pans to cook with. 

Any chef will tell you that a well-organised kitchen is the key to a less stressful meal prep experience. After all, if you spend all your time searching for the equipment you need, we guarantee that by the time you find it, you will either be too tired to cook or far too stressed to enjoy a beautiful meal. 

By keeping your kitchen cupboards clear of clutter and organised well, you can make the process of cooking dinner a lot less of a headache. Not to mention, an organised kitchen just looks and feels nicer – and who doesn’t love a clean and stylish space to cook in?

If you are aiming to organise your kitchen cupboards, we absolutely recommend having a strategy before you begin the heavy lifting. 

Start by counting the number of cupboards you have, and think about where you do most of your meal prep and what you often need around you when cooking your meal. get to grips with a good kitchen cupboards strategy, and you won’t get bogged down with the details. 

5 different kitchen ideas and how to effectively organise 

Feng shui design

Many homeowners like to adopt a feng shui design in their homes to support a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Feng Shui also features heavily in kitchen design and organisation. 

Cabinets that run underneath kitchen worktops can often become cluttered because it’s inconvenient to bend down and search for or store kitchen items in them. Purchase some sliding baskets to access the items in lower cupboards more easily.

According to Feng Shui customs, appliances that are used daily should be kept out, but those that are not used all the time should be stored away. Cooking utensils should not be hung on the wall and should be stored in a drawer near the cooker.

 Lids should always be matched with bowls or containers, and odd lids should be thrown away. Spices should be stored together but not on the worksurface and always near your cooker.

Minimalist design

If you are looking to create a minimalist design in your home, this can be a challenge in the kitchen. 

Often, our kitchen cupboards get filled with various devices and pieces of technology all set to make our lives easier, when actually they gather dust, and we don’t use half of them!

Take some time to decide whether you use the items in your kitchen and make two piles – those you use all the time and those that have either never been used or have rarely been used. 

Once you have these piles, ensure you have space for those items you use every day (without over-cluttering your cupboards) and donate or throw the items you don’t use or are unlikely to use again. 

Glass-fronted kitchen cupboards 

Glass-fronted kitchen cupboards are a beautiful addition to any home, but it can be difficult to know how to organise them without making them look cluttered or untidy. 

If you are planning on adding glass doors to your cupboards, why not use these spaces for your more elegant glasses or china and make a bit of a show of the beautiful items you own?

Minimal cupboard space 

Not all of us have access to a large kitchen with lots of kitchen cupboards. If you are working with a small kitchen and you are not planning on having a kitchen upgrade with Prestige Kitchens, we recommend making the most of the space that you have by following the tips in the minimalist section of this blog. 

Without the luxury of a lot of space, you need to be able to store the items you regularly use without cluttering your kitchen cupboards with items you barely use. 

Organising a utility room

If you have a utility room where you store your washing machine and tumble dryer, this can also be a great place to store your laundry products and cleaning products. 

Keeping your cleaning products in a separate room from the place where you store and prepare your food will keep your food safe from cross-contamination.  

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