Choosing the perfect style of kitchen for your home

Style of kitchen

Identifying the right style of kitchen for your home

When it’s time to redecorate the kitchen, we can often get swept away and caught up in the huge variety of style of kitchens available on the market. Should you opt for a traditional farmhouse kitchen, or is a shaker kitchen more appropriate? Would we benefit from a modern-style kitchen or go for a Scandinavian-style look?

Before you go ahead and choose the perfect kitchen for your needs, you need to take the style of your home into consideration. It’s no good having a modern kitchen style if the rest of the interior and exterior of your home are featured around farmhouse style choices. 

If you are struggling to find the best style of kitchen for your home, Prestige Kitchens is here to help you with the design and installation of your new space, leaving you with the perfect style of kitchen – not only for your home but for your own requirements as well.

The definitive kitchen style guide 


The term ‘modern’ can be interpreted in many ways, but when it comes to kitchen design, it often refers to frameless cabinets, sleek and simple hardware, and strong horizontal lines.

Modern kitchens are a popular theme, as they are usually associated with clever, unfussy designs that keep clutter to a minimum. A modern kitchen looks best without busyness, so think bare countertops and slick surfaces like stainless steel.


Also referred to as a country kitchen, the farmhouse kitchen gives off the vibe of a rural getaway. To achieve this look, use freestanding furniture, large and chunky tables made from rustic wood, timber cabinetry, and an eclectic mix of finishes like antique brass and natural stone. This will help create a lived-in effect.

The key to styling a farmhouse kitchen is imperfection and making it look like it’s lived in. Try mixing colours, textures and finishes rather than matching everything. Neutral colours are incredibly popular for farmhouse kitchens: Think warm-white cabinets, a rough-hewn wood island, and nickel finishes that’ll allow a natural pattern over time.


If you’re looking for a kitchen design that exudes simplicity and fine craftsmanship, then a shaker kitchen is perfect for you. Shaker kitchens date back to the mid-18th century and are characterised by their unadorned finishes and muted colour palettes. 

To add a modern twist to this classic style, try opting for gloss finishes, polished brass or gold handles, and glossy worktops like granite or marble.


Think rustic, and we immediately picture plenty of wood and charm, and that’s exactly what a rustic kitchen design entails. Wood has so many unique features like knobbly bits, gouges and textures that give it visual interest. 

Hence why rustic kitchens feature lots of wood, from exposed beams and hardwood floors to stripped-back wood furniture and butcher’s block-style countertops.


Born out of the clean, pared-back style of a restaurant kitchen, an industrial-style kitchen makes use of neutral colours like grey, brown, black and white, plenty of concrete and lots of exposed features. Industrial kitchens are all about exposed elements, open spaces, and deceptively simple décor. 

They utilise a variety of materials layered together to create a kitchen that values both form and functionality. Despite their stripped-back appearance, industrial kitchens are social spaces that bring together cosy comforts and understated design.


Also known as Nordic or Scandi style, Scandinavian kitchen designs are all about clean lines, organic shapes and plenty of natural materials. Everything about this cosy theme is practical and functional, yet always has a fresh look. 

This is probably because calming white takes centre stage in the colour palette, which allows lots of light to flood in and reflect off the walls.

Create focal points in the space with hanging pendants and mix in wood flooring, furniture with a pop of colour, a dash of pattern, and some contemporary art.

How can choosing the right style of kitchen help your home?

Updating your style of kitchen isn’t just as simple as choosing some new cabinets and flooring. Your kitchen should match the needs of your lifestyle and be able to keep up with your busy life! Ask yourself some of the following questions to get a better understanding of what you may be looking for: 

  • Are high gloss cabinets suitable? Do you have grandchildren or animals who spend time in your kitchen? If so, be aware that you could be forever wiping your kitchen cabinets clean! 
  • How much cooking do you do? If you do a lot of cooking on a daily basis, you will need as much workspace as you can get to prepare food. Consider an island for extra space! 
  • Do you need more space? If you are running out of space in your current kitchen, you are either in need of a big clearout or you need to increase your cupboard space in your new kitchen. 

Choosing the right style of kitchen for your home will not only provide you with a fantastic space where you can entertain friends, cook and experiment with new recipes and spend time with your family, but it could increase the market value of your home if you ever decide to sell up and move on. 

Kitchens are often the heart of every home and so having a high-quality kitchen that matches the rest of your home and provides a great amount of space will definitely be a feature when you sell your home. Adding extra elements such as a central island, glass-fronted cabinets and space for a double fridge freezer will only further improve your home valuation. 

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Why choose Prestige Kitchens?

Prestige Kitchens work with a variety of kitchen designs

At Prestige Kitchens, we don’t believe that your kitchen design and installation should be a stressful and difficult period. On the contrary, this should be a fun and exciting time where you get to design a perfect kitchen that works for you and your family. 

As a committed kitchen team, we offer guidance, advice and recommendations throughout our time working on your project. Don’t bother with boring brochure flicking or waiting for ages for your kitchen to arrive. Work with Prestige Kitchens, and we will design your kitchen with your thoughts in mind before installing your kitchen, all within a great time period. 

For more information or to get started on your kitchen journey today, get in touch with Prestige Kitchens. We look forward to working with you soon.